Fredrik & Jonas

For how long have you been training together?

I started training with Ludde last season so 1,5 seasons (so far..)

What is your current goal with your training?

Be faster on the shorter distances and be able to swim the longer ones with confidence.

In this challenge my goal is to swim two Open Water races, 7,5 km and 1500 m, in September. The goal for the longer race is to finish it, and the goal for the shorter one is to swim faster than 29:00 minutes.

Why did you join the A-Z challenge?

It will be an excellent opportunity to put more focus on my swimming and making it possible to reach my goals

How do you stay motivated when you have set a goal?

When it comes to swimming (on my level) it is so much fun, so in some way “the road is the goal”.

Do you need a goal to stay motivated?

In some situations, yes, but in this case the participation in the challenge would be enough.

Do you follow someone in social media who inspires you to go on?

Some of the Swedish elite swimmers like Sarah Sjöström, but what really inspires me is to follow the friends I have met through swimming with Ludde – as well as following Ludde himself.

Training Routines

About the coach

In 2012, I started my own swim business Lundin Coaching & Consulting that offers swim program, training, camps, swimming for company’s and analyses. During the 90´s I took 75 medals at Swedish Championships in swimming and competed at both Europeans- and Worlds Championships.

Beginning of 2000 I started swim coaching in Neptun Swim club in Stockholm, where I am now the sport director. 2014-2016 I worked as head coach for the Swedish Triathlon Federation and coached the Olympic silver medalist Lisa Nordén thru the Rio Olympics 2016.

You can find him at @coachludde on Instagram or on Facebook by clicking this link.

I have the premier swim coaching license (Swedish Swimming Federation) and I am also educated sport coach (Malmö University) and Elite sport coach thru the national sport federation (RF) in Sweden.

Goal for the trainee
The goal for Jonas is to swim two Open Water races, 7,5 km and 1500 m, in September. The goal for the longer race is to finish it, and the goal for the shorter one is to swim faster than 29:00 minutes.

Vision with your training
My vision as a coach is to meet everyone’s individual needs in training and competition. I work to strengthen, above all, the health and self-esteem. Making the training stimulating and fun makes the swimmers feel good and come back to next session. I believe in continuity.

About the Trainee

Swimming wise not very much at all since I gave up swimming in a club at the age of 12. I have been doing quite of bit of running until a couple of years ago when I had to give up due to a dodgy achilles tendon. I also enjoyed Krav Maga for a few years.

What you do on a day to day basis?
I work at a bank meeting clients. I have to say that I am quite “desk bound” during the working day.

Life goal
I do not really think in the terms of a life goal apart from seeing my son grow up and be healthy. But I enjoy having a stimulating work and spend time with friends and family. The rest will sort itself out.

Monday – Open Water swimming

Aerobic Swim 

  • 4x150m (breathe 2nd/3rd )
  • 4x150m (navigation & sighting strategies)
  • 4x150m (swim in a group)
  • 4x150m (1500m race pace)


A common cause of stroke imbalances is unilateral breathing, or breathing to one side only. This will develop a strong asymmetry to movements over time, causing a preference to veer to one side. A great little experiment is to swim 10-15 strokes with your eyes closed in the pool or open water and see which direction you naturally swim in.

Navigation and Sighting Strategies:

Take a vertical line upwards from the turning buoy and see what key features on the horizon make sighting easier, e.g. a tall tree, hill top, odd-shaped building. Aim for these as you swim rather than becoming too focused on the buoy itself, especially if the water is a little rough